Dancing through lockdown

MRC DANCE may be slightly biased but believe that dancing through this tough time is a much needed mood-boosting activity. Movement is so important for both mental and physical health and most people don’t realise the movement they’re missing out on by not going about their ‘normal’ weekly routines. From walking around the office, to bouncing around in a bar at the weekend, we’re all missing certain aspects of our active lives.

Fitness-Fun dance class over zoom
Zoom Fitness-Fun class

Here’s 4 things you can do to improve your well-being through these strange times:

  • Join a class with MRC DANCE. Not only will you get the movement you need but you gain the social interaction with a very fun and friendly group and get listen to some great tunes!
  • A walk-a-day will keep the blues away. SAD syndrome is even more present in the winter so make sure you get out for a walk whilst it’s still light for an extra boost.
  • Count your steps! I’ll often check my Fitbit and see I’ve been doing my morning admin for a little too long and it just gives the little push you need to move around a little!
  • Keep up as much of a routine as possible! Wake up at your usual time, get excited for your weekly release of your favourite series, include your daily walk as part of your norm, stay in touch with your friends.

Maisie ❤️

So, with all that being said, make sure you stay safe, keep active, get in touch about dance classes and look after yourselves.

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