3 reasons to Dance!

In the modern day you constantly get told that movement, dance, yoga, running etc are all good for you and the majority of people think “Yeah, yeah, heard it all before, it’s good for you” and then leave it there, putting it down to the fact it’s exercise and exercise is healthy for the body. Now, that is true and that is one of the main reasons to move but it does not stop there.

1st reason to dance, in my opinion, would be because it makes you feel good. Forget for a second about the effect dancing has on your body, but think of what it does to your brain. It stimulates. It helps to release those yummy endorphins which bring you positive energy and good vibes- one of my favourite dance quotes comes to mind here… “Why be moody when you can shake your booty”. Silly, I know, but very true! It’s also scientifically proven to help with memory, in many studies it has shown to reduce the risks of Dementia.

2nd reason to dance. It’s a fun workout?? Never thought I’d catch myself saying that but it’s fantastic for getting your body moving by not having to go to the gym and see all those people lifting weights, result! I get sweaty with every Fit-fun Dance class I do and the amount of steps afterwards always amazes me! And it’s currently all done from the comfort of my own home!

3rd reason to dance. There is SO much variety! I alone teach Ballroom, Latin, Street Dance, Fitness Dance, dances for weddings, Freestyle and there are still so many more styles! This in turn means so many different genres of music, what a bonus!

With all this being said- remember not to just join a dance class because of the benefits it’ll do for you physically, think of the positive impact it will have on your mental health too. I have had many messages about how my classes have impacted someone’s mood in a positive way and there is genuinely no better feeling than knowing you’ve helped towards making someone feel happy.

Speak soon!
Maisie, MRC DANCE <3