Do I need a first dance at my Wedding?

YES, end of conversation, done. HA! Only joking, I am very biased obviously but let me tell you why I think you should include a first wedding dance on your big day.

Just the two of us

The biggest reason to do a first dance is to escape the ‘wedmin’. Learning a dance together gives you something to do towards the wedding that doesn’t involve choosing colours, seating plans or deciding whether to invite that distant family member you haven’t seen in years. It’s a time for you and your loved one to spend quality time together. It helps you to bond, be close and to laugh (especially if you choose to do your wedding dance with MRC DANCE- cheeky plug!).
I also make sure my wedding couples know that yes, the guests are an audience but this dance is for them. It’s their moment, just the two of them, capturing a couple of minutes together in a (usually) quite hectic day.

“We loved our dance classes as they felt intimate, special and so romantic as we were dreaming about our upcoming special day.”
-Dani & Tom 2022
Photograph by Nick Church Photography

On the other hand, it doesn’t HAVE to be traditional. If anything, less traditional weddings are a lot more popular nowadays so why not try a Dad and Daughter dance or surprise your guests with a bridal party routine? I LOVE the idea of having a special and fun moment with your closest people, the spotlight doesn’t have to be on just the newly-weds if it’s not wanted!

“But we can’t dance”

Wrrroooonnggg. More than likely, you just haven’t been taught before or even danced together. Find yourself a dance teacher who will acknowledge that you haven’t had much experience before. The reason I say this is because, if you find the right teacher, they will be patient with you. They will provide you with moves that are right for your ability and not stress you out with a routine you’ll struggle to grasp! Again, the whole point of doing a First Dance is to let your hair down with each other and enjoy a moment for you. It’s not supposed to be stressful!

Capturing a highlight of your wedding day

Imagine the photo opportunity or what the videographer could capture. Whether you’re doing a romantic number or busting into a bit of Beyonce, the camera would catch that brilliant moment. Whatever the vibe of the dance, it’s a great highlight to capture, a candid dance moment rather than a pose. If you need to see some inspo, check out my Instagram- I’ve put a couple of posts up recently with some wedding couples when they’re in practise and on their big day-

Get in touch if you just need some inspiration for your big day or if you want to discuss any options, I’m open to chatting and working out ways to make your big day the BEST!

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Thank you for reading this post lovely newly-engaged people!
Good luck with planning your wedding <3

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