How to boost confidence through dancing!

Hi everyone! I saw a post on ‘memories’ pop up on one of my social media accounts about young girls I used to teach who were struggling with confidence and decided to write a little post on it, hopefully it helps at least one other person!

Confidence is a funny thing. I never used to have any self-confidence, especially through my school years and just after, when transitioning into my early young-adult stage. People very often don’t believe me when I tell them that as now- I can stand up in-front of a crowd and teach! But my lack of self-confidence was crippling, I struggled through so many basic things that I now just blissfully stroll through and that’s the reason why I’m passionate about teaching and helping others discover and build their confidence.

I like to remind people that confidence doesn’t just appear overnight. Like anything, it needs to be worked at and needs to grow but my goodness when it grows, it is bloomin’ beautiful and perseverance is absolutely the key.

5 things I try to instil into people when teaching:

1) Every body is a dance body

2) You’re never too old to start dancing

3) Try and travel outside of your comfort zone even if it’s just once

4) Be different, not better

5) Just have fun!

I believe praise is what helps people grow the most confidence, whether it comes from an outsider or the individual themselves. I absolutely love giving praise as often as possible, I love to encourage individuals to give themselves praise too, a little bit of self-love goes a long way. You’ve aced that move you couldn’t do last week?? Amazing!

And this is where dancing has so far helped me through more than just confidence with dancing, but with life. It has helped me express myself and has helped me become the small-business owner, independent woman and positive person that I am today. So if you’re reading this now, YOU ARE ENOUGH! Go and attend that Street dance class, dance like nobody’s watching, cheer on your friend that also doesn’t believe they’re enough and figure out who you are by doing all these great things and then love the person that blooms from it all.

Remember to give my Instagram page a visit- I’m always posting reels and stories to try to spread the love, positivity and confidence! Also, if you want to start building up your own self-confidence- I’ll also leave a little link to my classes below!