Dancing for Mental Health

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. Personally, I am so grateful for a whole week of chat about Mental Health, it is SO important and we need to break the stigma surrounding well-being for the mind. But hang on, how is dance related?

I had a sudden lightbulb moment when creating a new Instagram reel the other day. I compared how dancing with music feels to simply just walking through moves without the accompany of cracking tunes. Dance without music is like life without looking after our Mental Health. Music is crucial to dance . Mental Health awareness is crucial to life.

Imagine having toothache and not calling the dentist, getting pains and not booking an appointment with the doctor. It’s a lot less likely things are ignored if they are physical pains, so why do we tend to ignore Mental Health aches and pains more? The bad stigma often stops us from speaking about hard times, from reaching out to a friend or family member and I’m sure you agree, this has to STOP!

I gave even more incentive to my MRC DANCE clients this week, 10% off any class to raise further awareness of how good dancing is for the brain and body. I never realised how amazing moving my body to music was until I started my career in dance- I’ve always had a passion for dancing but only discovered why 5 years ago. It’s all about the way it makes me feel. I’m a balloon, reaching the point of being too full and needing to burst and then I dance. The feeling of being an ever expanding balloon ready to blow and then I’m able to just let go for half an hour, express emotions through movement and relieve any pressures on my mental health.

What I’m trying to say is BOOGIE. Boogie to be kind to your mind. It deserves it, you deserve it.


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